ammoon POCK LOOP Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

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Looper pedal with 11 slots for saving loop tracks.
Each loop supports 30mins recording time, totally 330mins, huge storage.
44.1kHz, 24bit sample rate, excellent sound quality of recording.
Supports unlimited dub tracks, playback in 1/2 speed or 2X speed, reverse and play once functions.
Can import/export loop files via the micro USB interface.
Full metal shell, sturdy and durable; standard 1/4 inch mono input/ output jack; DC 9V 300mA power supply.
Brand: ammoon
Input: 1/4 inch mono jack
Output: 1/4 inch mono jack
Import File Format: wav, mp3, flac, ape
Import File Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz
Import File Sample Accuracy: 8bit/16bit/24bit/32bit
Export File: wav(44.1kHz, 24bit)
Power Requirement: DC 9V 300mA(center negative)
Item Size: 6.5 * 3.7 * 11.4cm/ 2.6 * 1.5 * 4.5in
Item Weight: 240g/ 8.5oz
Package Size: 12 * 9 * 6.5cm/ 4.7 * 3.5 * 2.6in
Package Weight: 312g/ 11oz