£59.00 GBP

Pre-owned - Excellent condition - No box

The only question is: Can your amplifier and PA system (not to mention your audience) handle the massive bottom end that this pedal can churn out? The BSY600 is a sophisticated bass synthesizer tucked away in a compact stomp box that gives your guitar or bass tons of extra low-frequency tone and funkiness. Take your playing to a whole new level and dimension with the BSY600!

Choices, Choices, and Even More Choices
With 11 unique Square, Sawtooth and Pulse waveform Modes to choose from, the BSY600 provides a veritable truckload of classic synth sounds. Simply select a mode setting and dial in the sound you want with the Effect, Res (resonance), Decay/Rate, and Freq (frequency) knobs. Use the Direct knob to mix in the desired amount of your original signal, and you’re off and running.

Superb Operation
The integral Real Sound Modeling (RSM) processor enhances your bass or guitar’s tone for truly rich sound quality. Also included, at absolutely no extra charge, is a genuine Really Blue LED that shows power status and battery condition, as well as an electronic bypass footswitch, which maintains excellent signal integrity. You can power the BSY600 with our PSU-SB DC power supply (not included) or a 9 V battery.