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Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 100 Combo


A powerful sound with a variety of effects

An extremely powerful offering from Blackstar, the ID: Core 100 features two 12” 50W sub woofers that bring a combined 100W of pure power, packing the same punch and tones found in professional valve amps. The two sub woofers offer stereo wide audio for a completely immersive sound. With its digital technology, this amp is perfect for live performances, as well as practicing at home, as none of the tonal richness is sacrificed at lower volumes.

This amp also comes packed with 6 different voices and 12 effects for creating and altering your sound. The 6 different voices that the amp offers are clean, warm, clean bright, super crunch, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2. When combined with the different voices and effects that add reverb, delay or modulation, the ID: Core is capable of pulling off a variety of musical styles. It also features Blackstar’s very own ISF technology, which provides the option to change the amp’s style between a USA or UK inspired sound, further adding variety to your tonal options.

Take your performance to the next level

The Blackstar ID: Core boasts two new effects in the built-in octaver and looper. With the octaver effect you’ll have the ability to change the amps sound between octaves to either one higher or one lower for a wet/dry mix. The looper provides the ability to loop over 30 seconds with infinite overdubs, perfect for jamming at home. Controlled with a two button footswitch for easy to use, and with no latency from the footswitch to the amp.

A new benchmark for pro direct recording, the Blackstar emulated output makes it easier to get your sound directly recorded without the need for a microphone via USB. The amp also provides an input for plugging in mp3 audio devices, so you can play backing tracks and your favourite music through the amp. Also equipped with a USB input, this fully modded amp can connect with your computer or Mac. Once connected the insider software allows for deep editing of your patches, storing the ones you’ve created, and importing patches you’ve downloaded from the online community.


  • 12 Vintage Style Effects Including an Octaver
  • Store up to 35 Sounds of Your Own Creation
  • Choose from 6 Different Blackstar Voices
  • Stereo Wide Audio for Immersive Sound
  • In-Build Looper with Infinite Overdubs.
  • Blackstars Patented ISF Control for Switching Between USA and British Amp Styles.


  • Technology Type: Digital
  • Voice Settings:
    • Clean Warm
    • Clean Bright
    • Crunch
    • Super Crunch
    • Overdrive 1
    • Overdrive 2


  • Wattage: 100
  • Controls:
    • Voice
    • Gain Level
    • Volume Level
    • EQ Bass
    • EQ Middle
    • EQ Treble
    • EQ ISF
    • Effects Modulation
    • Effects Delay
    • Effects Reverb
    • Effects Type
    • Effects Level
    • Master Volume
    • Manual
    • Bank
    • Channel 1
    • Channel 2
    • Channel 3
    • Tap Tempo
  • Inputs:
    • Guitar
    • MP3/Line
    • USB
    • Footswitch


  • Speaker: 50w
  • Number of Speakers: 2
  • Speaker Size: 12 Inches

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