£579.00 GBP

The Blackstar Silverline Standard 100W 1x12 Combo is an amp straight from the future. Featuring cutting edge TVP technology, it delivers tonnes of tube-like tone - but with the low weight and flexibility of a digital amp. It also boasts six different voicings, from super clean to heavily overdriven, giving you the ultimate sonic dynamism and control over your sound. You'll be pumping out bold riffs in no time, and you can craft your own sound using the responsive three-band EQ section. When you plug into this powerhouse, you're in for the ride of a lifetime!

Sharp, dynamic, and huge. The tones which this amp can unleash will take your ears to a new dimension. TVP technology helps this digital amp to provide the same response and breakup of six power tubes with the response dial, giving it that beautifully authentic, crushing tube amp voice. A high-powered SHARC processor also drives this amp to perfection – you'll have plenty of sound to play with.

There's a Celestion V-Type speaker to help you deliver that raw, detailed, articulate sound – it'll make your riffs shine. And ISF tone shaping allows you to manipulate your sound like never before, controlling and switching the voicing of the amp to suit your taste. Make no mistake, this is an amp which means business.
An extensive control section on this machine offers you total control over your tone. The three-band EQ lets you dial in the bass, middle, and treble frequencies, with the ISF control changing the voicing. Whether you want it low and booming or tight, crispy, and punchy, you can easily get the sound you want. Gain and volume dials let you go from clean and quiet to wildly overdriven and deafeningly loud. With 100W of power, you'll be able to make any venue shake with this roaring amp.

Are you a fan of effects? If so, you'll love the studio-quality options which are built into this model. Featuring modulation, reverb, and delay, you'll be able to add atmosphere to any riff you’re playing without fail. And there's resonance and presence dials which replicate the tonal control you’d have over the power tubes in a valve amp. They'll let you crispen up your tone and ensure that it cuts right through the mix in any band setting. Full USB connectivity, a metal 'coffin' logo, and the stunning boutique styling all work in unison to make this one of the slickest, high quality Amplifiers you'll ever lay eyes on.

Model name: Blackstar Silverline Standard 100W 1x12 Combo
Power: 100W
Controls: Voice, Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF, Response, Effects, Level, Resonance, Presence, Master Volume, Manual, Bank, Channels, Tap
Processor: SHARC
Speaker: Celestion V-Type