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Boss’s colourful stomp boxes are the most recognisable pedal range in existence. For over 40 years, guitarists from bedrooms to stadiums have put their boot down on a Boss effect to transform their sound. Several models have passed into guitar legend and early examples can fetch extremely high prices. Happily, Boss have maintained their stellar reputation for world-class effects in bomb-proof casing with their current range and have fended off the imitators for decades to remain the pre-eminent single pedal effects manufacturer in the business. If there’s an effect for guitar (or bass, vocals, keys…be creative!) then you can bet Boss have a pedal of it in their range or even invented it outright! Every guitar player should get to experience the joy of selecting a pedal from Boss’s exhaustive roster, plugging it in and unleashing their wildest sonic dreams.


The CH-1 is a staple fixture on pedalboards across the world. Chorus has always been something of a BOSS speciality since their very first compact pedal, the CE-1. This stereo Chorus gives you just the correct amount of lush modulation to make your notes move and resonate. I group of simple controls allows you to determine the speed, depth and overall EQ characteristic of the chorus as well as the actual amount applied to the guitar's signal. Players loving 80s guitar sounds will already know the value of a well-placed Chorus effect! Arpeggios and Queen-style leads can benefit from Chorus too.