Boss TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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The BOSS TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner is a premium-quality stompbox tuner ehanhced with Waza craftsmanship. The TU-3W produces natural, pure signal transfer for maximum performance with redesigned circuitry. This units tuning functions are identical to the BOSS TU-3, improving on its design and pure signal pass-through. The tuner features selectable buffers and true-bypass operation for maximum transparency. With its simple yet refined design, the TU-3W is perfect for guitar players on the move.

The TU-3W is based on the original TU-3, featuring the same tuning functions, yet improving its design. The original design has been enhances with BOSS's skill and craftsmanship to produce a pure and natural signal transfer, essential for high-end tuning. With its redesigned circuitry with selectable buffered or true-bypass operation, the TU-3W offers maximum transparency. The premium signal buffer can be turned off for true-bypass operation too.

BOSS engineers have long been committed to achieving the best possible guitar tones, using the ever expanding technology available. Combining the best elements from classic analog circuits to high-tech DSP, BOSS have striven to continue its premium-quality module. 'Waza' is a term that means art and technique in Japan, with BOSS utilising these principles to improve design and craftsmanship. The final sound and design approval was carried out in Japan by BOSS to ensure maximum performance and aesthetic value.

  • The world’s leading stompbox tuner, enhanced with Waza innovation and craftsmanship
  • Superior tuning and premium signal buffer in one pedal
  • Tuning functions are identical to the industry-standard TU-3
  • Refined audio circuitry for exceptionally pure signal pass-through
  • Buffer can be turned off for true-bypass operation
  • BOSS five-year warranty