£219.00 GBP

Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Perfect for beginners or students, the Carlsbro CSD100 7 Piece Electronic Drum Kit comes with everything you need to start practising.

The CSD100 is the entry-level kit of the CSD range, benefiting from a simple, easy to use design and a button style kick pedal for low noise transference. Although it is primarily aimed at beginners, this kit is suitable for any player looking for a cheaper alternative to other electronic drum kits.

It is also ideal for school drum lessons where an acoustic kit isn’t possible, this is due to the compact size of the frame.

The CSD100 is the natural choice to add to the increasing range of popular Carlsbro CSD kits, it is ideal for live performance and studio recording sessions.

The Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic drum kit is comprised of the Commander 100 sound module, 4 drum pads, 3 cymbals including a dual-zone ride cymbal and a telescopic fully height adjustable frame.


Commander 100 Drum Module

The Commander 100 Drum Module is well designed, easy to use and packed with features. With 10 inbuilt preset drum kits and 108 percussion sounds, there is plenty to get inspired by. The module has 10 demo songs built into it, but it also benefits from an aux-in port that allows you to plug in your phone or tablet and play your own backing tracks as well.

Connect your kit to any computer and use outboard sounds with its MIDI port, this allows the kit to work as part of a studio setup. The line output and headphone input allow you to choose whether you are going to use headphones or a drum amp with this kit.


Dual Zone Ride Pad

As you would expect of a kit at this price range most of the pads are single zoned but the CSD100 does benefit from a dual-zone ride pad which offers a little more realism as you can produce a bell sound by striking the pad differently.


Drum Rack

Being fully height adjustable and stable, this drum rack allows the kit to be played by drummers of all shapes and sizes.


Learning Aids

The CSD100 drum kit offers some very helpful tools to help you learn, this includes a metronome with full control of time signature, tempo and volume and a recording and playback function that lets you can sit back and listen to your sound.



  • 1× Commander 100 Sound Module
  • 1× 7” Snare pad
  • 3× 7” Tom pads
  • 1× 8” Hi-hat cymbal
  • 1× 8” Crash cymbal
  • 1× 8” Dual-zone ride cymbal
  • 1× Bass kick pedal
  • 1× Hi-hat controller pedal
  • 1× Height adjustable 4-legged drum rack
  • 1× Pair of drumsticks