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Playability and precision. The San Dimas IV Bass is equipped with a coveted, baked maple neck and fretboard. But what are the benefits of baking (also known as roasting) a maple neck? Well, the first plus point is an obvious one - the look. Heating the neck to hundreds of degrees in a kiln releases much of its moisture and natural oil, which enhances the differences in the grain structure, spotlighting any figuring and flaming for a show-stopping aesthetic.


But beyond the dazzling appearance, roasting a neck puts its playability and stability through the roof too. By drastically reducing the internal moisture content of the wood - and sealing it with the evaporating sap and oil - you can take your San Dimas Bass straight from the cold garage to the hot and humid stage, without it absorbing moisture and flexing. This means less time adjusting the bridge and truss rod, and more time doing what you're there to do - perform. And with the super smooth  neck finish that the roasting process creates, you might never want to stop.

Poised for action

Perfectly balanced. With its instantly recognisable, traditional bass guitar silhouette, you might expect that the Pro Mod San Dimas would suffer from the legendary 'droop' common to basses of this shape. This is usually caused by the large, heavy headstock and oversize tuners dragging the neck of the guitar toward the floor.

Charvel solved this age-old problem by pairing a light, roasted maple neck, with a high-mass bridge of their own design to balance out the weight. The Charvel high mass bridge also has the added benefit of increasing the San Dimas' sustain, for note that just ring and ring.

About Charvel

A rock 'n' roll hall of fame. First launched in the 1970s by founder Wayne Carvel, Charvel guitars rose to fame through the 80s as the axe of choice for those guitarists on the heavier side of the musical spectrum. From Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and Kiss's Vinie Vincent to household names like Randy Rhoads and Eddie van Halen, the metal world became peppered with Charvel's signature blend of raw rock tone and ergonomic design. Offering everything from reliable workhorse models to boutique, custom builds, the brand's popularity remains as strong today as ever, with a new generation of guitarists ready to take the stage, Charvel in hand.