£169.00 GBP

Adaptable, powerful, and built to a standard that far outshines its meagre price. The Cort Action PJ Bass is the best way to start on a new instrument. The P/J pickup configuration means you have access to all manner of tones. From smooth and deep jazz-style sounds to crisp and punchy rock tones - this is the perfect bass to start forging your musical path!
A neck this comfortable because of its flat fretboard profile and size makes learning your first basslines a dream. Cort has playability and tone at the forefront of the Cort Action PJ and that is apparent as soon as you play the first note.

Cort have fitted this bass with premium die-cast machine heads, P/J pickups, and the EB6(4) Bridge. The tuners are incredibly accurate and stay put which means you can play with confidence knowing you are always in tune. Wide-reaching tonal variety comes from the P/J pickup configuration, which gives you ample power and breathes life into your thumping basslines. Being able to blend between the staggered ‘P’ configuration which favours booming bass tones and the 'J' position gives your tone all the bite and note definition you could ever want.

The Cort Action PJ Bass is made from top quality materials like Canadian hard maple. The neck has a warm and powerful natural resonance which makes the bass feel super responsive beneath your fingers. Resting on top of the neck is a jatoba fretboard. Jatoba is a brilliant fretboard wood as it is very hard, which means it doesn’t warp. Once you have set your bass up, it will stay there, playing brilliantly for ages. The poplar body is not only a great tonewood for beginners and professionals alike because of its lovely natural resonance, but it is also lightweight which means you won’t start to fatigue after long playing sessions.

You get a full two full octaves of 24 frets, giving you a huge range - great for people who like options. With a double cutaway body, you can reach the very last fret with ease, making the whole range accessible. The 15.75’’ radius fretboard is quite flat and very fast to play which takes some of the stress away from your hands. This a perfect bass for learning with a sense of ease.


Material: Poplar
Cutaway: Double Cutaway
Neck and Fingerboard:
Material: Canadian Hard Maple
Fretboard: Jatoba
Frets: 24
Scale: 864mm (34’’)
Inlay: White Dots
Hardware and Electronics:
Tuners: Die-cast
Bridge: EB6(4) Bridge
Pickups: PSEB4-4/F & PSEB1-4/R Pickups
Hardware Colour: Chrome

All our guitars have a Gold Service before we allow them to leave!!

A new set of strings if needed.

String height, truss rod and intonation adjusted.

Polished frets.

Lemon oiled fingerboard (If applicable).

Electrics checked and serviced.

A final polish of the guitar before delivery.