Cort AS-OC4 ALL SOLID MAHOGANY Electro Acoustic Guitar ,Inc Free HARD CASE

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Description: BRAND NEW W/ HARDCASE. Comes fully set up by our in-house tech.

All solid, all-mahogany body with a natural, open-pore finish and orchestra model (OM) cutaway design. The dark, open-pore finish of the AS-OC4 ensures that this guitar will age as desired—unlike a laminated guitar—allowing the wood choice to resonate naturally. In terms of tonal quality, players will find that the AS-OC4’s mahogany provides balanced dynamics, with ample bottom-end response that doesn’t inhibit the top-end. Smaller than a Dreadnought, the AS-OC4 certainly doesn’t lack in volume and has the ability to accommodate a variety of acoustic styles. The OM body features the soft, rounded lines of the Venetian cutaway, allowing the player to get more from the highest of the 20 frets. The quality of this design is reinforced by Cort’s advanced scalloped x-bracing and dovetail neck joint.

Specs:CONSTRUCTIONDovetail Neck JointCUTAWAYVenetian CutawayBODYOM CutawayNUT WIDTH45mm (1 3/4")TOPSolid African Mahogany(Okoume)BACK & SIDESSolid African Mahogany(Okoume)NECKMahogany(Palaquium)FRETBOARDOvangkolFRETS20 FretsSCALE643mm (25.3")INLAYDotBRIDGEOvangkolPICKUPSFishman SonicoreELECTRONICSFishman SonitoneSTRINGSD'Addario EXP16BRACINGAdvanced Scalloped X-BracingSPECIALHard Case  Included