Cort Persona 5 String Bass Guitar in Lavender Phase with Gig Bag

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In response to demands for a smaller body electric bass guitar, the Persona 5 bass is developed. Its unique body and headstock shape has never been used by Cort before, and the stylish curves are smooth and elegant looking while keeping the body as ergonomic as possible. For Persona 5 Lavender Phase color option, high-grade birdseye poplar top with matching headstock is used with purple shade to create a deep 3-dimensional look that is elegant and organic. The use of Bartolini HR-5.4 AP preamp system adds more tone definition to the Bartolini MK-1 pickups, and the 5pcs neck with roasted hard maple neck and Panga Panga ensures stability and superb playability.

Birdseye Poplar Top
on Alder Body

High-grade birdseye poplar top in purple shade creates a deep 3-dimensional look that adds elegance and organic feel to the bass aesthetics. The combination of poplar top on alder body produces a strong, clear and full-bodied sound with thicker mids and cleaner lows.

5pcs Roasted Hard Maple & Panga Panga Neck

By treating the maple in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, the wood stabilizes and develops a golden-brownish look for enhanced stability as well as a more vintage type of look and a big bolder tone. Addition of Panga Panga reinforces the stability.

Macassar Ebony Fingerboard

An ideal wood for high-gain applications, Macassar Ebony provides a cutting high-end to get your playing heard through the dense mix as well as fast and smooth playability.

Bartolini® MK-1 Pickups 

The trademark Bartolini® sound is preserved in the MK-1 while providing superb sound quality and value. The MK-1 delivers plenty of punchy and warm mids along with transparent and brilliant highs for a superbly balanced sound.

Hipshot® UltraLite Tuners

The Artisan basses are equipped with Hipshot Ultralite Tuners (classic 20:1 tuning ratio) that is made of cast zinc with aluminum strings posts and mounting nuts, resulting in 30% weight reduction over other regular tuners and which results in improved balance and tuning accuracy.

Enhanced Contour

Specially designed for Persona 5, the back contour has been noticeably enhanced for better ergonomics.