£389.00 GBP

Enya Nova Go Sonic in excellent condition - Fully set up with new strings, complete with gig bag!

Cutting-Edge Smart Features

The Nova Go Sonic combines smart tech with supreme playability. Enjoy a 10W Wireless speaker, app-controlled digital effects, and simple preset management for unmatched convenience. Features like OTG recording and a headphone jack for quiet practice boost its versatility. It's the perfect pick for those desiring innovative features in a light, ergonomic guitar.

Premium Tone Quality

The Nova Go Sonic excels in sound quality, featuring Alnico II & V pickups for a broad tone spectrum, from warm to bright. The HH setup reduces noise for clearer sound. Perfect for any style, from rock riffs to jazz tunes, ensuring each note is distinct and vibrant for an inspiring musical experience.

Simplify Your Guitar Journey

The Nova Go Sonic is ideal for those new to electric guitar, simplifying the choice of amps and gear, and for musicians in need of a portable electric guitar. Its smart features and portability provide a high-quality, easy-to-use playing experience, perfect for beginners or those needing a reliable guitar for travel


  • 38-inch full size smart electric guitar.
  • Integrated Wireless speaker with built-in effects.
  • Light & Slim: Just 6 lbs. and 2-1/4" in thickness.
  • Enhanced playability featuring an asymmetric neck profile, zero fret, radius fretboard, and round-ended frets.
  • USB charging & headphone jack; OTG port & 1/4” instrument jack
    Enabling APP connectivity for advanced tone editing capabilities.