£109.00 GBP

Complete with foot-switchable fast and slow phaser speeds, The Lost Highway analogue phaser pedal brings powerful and flexible phasing to your rig at ease, giving phase-sounds a new lease of life! Both the fast and slow settings have their own independent Rate and Depth controls, so you can easily alternate between slow, ambient phase shifting all the way to rapid, space-aged style modulation. There is a super handy blend control that will mean your phase plays nice with your existing sounds and the added benefit of a wave toggle switch, giving further options to select between sine and triangle waveforms. Oh, and there’s another switch too. Choose between 4- and 8-stage phasing so that you can add that extra kick when you need it. A common theme with Fender’s latest line of pedals has been the Sensitivity control, which allows modulation rate changes based on your playing dynamics and technique. A subtle, yet tasty feature

  • Analog 4- and 8-stage phaser pedal
  • Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
  • Blend and Feedback controls
  • Sine and Triangle waveforms
  • Dynamically responsive modulation rate