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Fender Mirror Image Delay

The Mirror Image Delay takes 3 popular delay types and packages them into one pedal. It contains a digital delay for crystal clear repeats, an analogue delay for warm repeats, and a tape delay for a modulated delay tone with real tape 'warble' and 'flutter'. Each delay has 2 variations for even more versatility, while an additional dotted 1/8 mode lets you achieve the 'U2-style' skipped delay repeat sound. The Mirror Image Delay has every control you need to control the important parameters, and can create a huge range of delay tones. The Mirror Image Delay has a rugged and lightweight aluminium chassis with a classy brushed metal finish. Along with the amplifier 'jewel' indication light, this pedal has a 'boutique' aesthetic and can take pride of place on your pedalboard. The pedal also has a clever magnetic latching battery compartment door, meaning you don't need screws to change the battery. With its rugged construction and versatile circuit design, the Mirror Image Delay is a professional and versatile pedal that can provide a very wide range of delay options for your many different requirements.

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