£65.00 GBP

We are the UK Exclusive Dealer for the FingerRamp bass ramps, which are made by hand in Italy.

Say goodbye to tendonitis and muscle tension.
Precise, clean and fast riffs.
Improved live and studio performances in no time.

• Quick and easy to install.
• Handmade from hard-wearing, high quality resin.
• Polished to a smooth touch.

These rAmplifiers fit 60's configuration Jazz basses (70's configuration also available, upon request) 
Options for 4 or 5 string models available - contact us with with your choice of 4 or 5 string bass ramp

“I’ve found bass rAmplifiers really useful for developing a lighter touch and developing techniques like floating thumb and multi finger techniques. FingerRamp have made a high quality affordable ramp that fits many different styles of bass - they’ve made what was a “high end” or custom-made feature more accessible and affordable.” - Craig Walsh

*Bass not included*