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Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30R guitar amp in

Very Good Condition! 

The affordable Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30R produces a wide range of high-quality sounds. The Edition Blue offers realistic reproduction of your dynamics and also adds the original vintage overtones to them. It features an equalizer with treble, mid and bass so you can personalise the sound of the 30R with precision. The lower the mid-level, the more modern and inverted the sound.

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30R Combo: Righteous Reverb

You can get modern and vintage sounds alike with the Edition Blue 30R, and that counts for both the clean and lead channels. The clean channel goes from clear to crunch, and the lead circuit takes it from there with an extensive palette of rock sounds. The 'R' after the 30 stand for Reverb, and each channel has its own version of that. You can switch between the channels and reverb with the optional FS-2.

Edition Blue series

When you see those blue lights, you should know that you're looking at a Hughes & Kettner. These compact amplifers are specially designed for small stages, practice rooms and home studios. The custom-built Rockdriver Blue speakers deliver definition and they emulate tube amps beautifully. The Edition Blue series is available with a spring reverb (R) or with a digital effect series (DFX) which includes chorus, flanger, reverb and delay.



  • 2-channel 1x 10 combo guitar amplifier with reverb
  • colour: black
  • power capacity: 30 W
  • speakers: 1x 10-inch Rockdriver Blue
  • 2 channels: Clean and Lead
  • clean controls: volume
  • lead controls: gain and master
  • equalizer controls: treble, mid and bass
  • input: mono jack
  • 3.5mm aux input for a CD player, for instance
  • handle on top
  • black protective corners
  • dimensions: 460 x 410 x 220 mm (HxWxD)
  • weight: 10 kg
  • built-in reverb: Accutronics Spring Reverb
  • optional foot switch: Hughes & Kettner FS-2