£89.00 GBP

Pre-owned and in excellent condition with minor signs of use.

Upgrading an icon. The Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer takes on the mammoth task of attempting to upgrade the Tube Screamer. Adding a fourth control is the main addition that controls overdrive mode. This allows you to choose from the classic 'TS9', '+', 'Hot', and 'Turbo' modes. '+' mode adds a little more grit to the original 'TS9' which is an unaltered TS9 with no modifications. 'Hot' provides more crunch and boosts the mids. Finally, 'Turbo' gives a real bass boost to add a powerful low end response giving this device real versatility, even among Tube Screamers. If you are after a Tube Screamer with increased versatility but with classic TS performance and reliability, the TS9DX is the Tube Screamer for you.

The main difference between the TS9DX and traditional TS9 is the additional Mode control with each position aside from the 'TS9' setting adding low end, increasing volume and actually decreasing distortion. This means it also functions well with basses thanks to the improved low end response. Then, the critical difference between the TS9 and the original TS808 is the output section which was altered to give the TS9 a more modern feel. This makes the outputted sound brighter and slightly less rounded so it's all down to personal preference 


  • Controls: Drive, Tone, Level
  • Modes: Turbo, Hot, +, TS9