£109.00 GBP

Mint Condition JHS A/B/Y Pedal

JHS Pedals love a clever little pedal. The A/B/Y is a super simple and reliable switcher you can use to send your instrument signal to two outputs, either singularly or simultaneously on the go.

Just plug your instrument cable into the input and choose where the signal path goes next.

Use the left footswitch to change between A and B channels, When the LED is red, the A channel is engaged. When the LED is green, the B channel is engaged. Hit the right “Y” footswitch to engage BOTH channels for full stereo output. Because the Active A/B/Y has an output transformer on one of the outputs, there is no need for a ground lift as the transformer eliminates any hum.

No need to worry about hum in the meantime, the transformer eliminates all unwanted noise so there's no need for a ground lift. The FET transistors allow for completely silent switching, meaning your rig will execute your carefully crafted sound to the highest professional level.