Korg MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer with Vocoder

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You may notice the similarity to the Korg microKORG XL but beneath the updated all black finish there are some improvements to the sound engine on the microKORG XL Plus including improved PCM sounds for ulrtra realism!

The Korg microKORG XL Plus Synthesizer and Vocoder lets you generate your own personal sound, packing a cutting-edge sound engine and powerful effects into a compact, vintage-like body.

The Korg microKORG XL Plus features Korg's powerful RADIAS/R3 derived MMT Multi Modeling Technology, as well as a powered-up vocoder.

The updated ROM includes PCM data for recreating in-demand vintage keyboards such as piano, electric piano, and clav. Externally, the microKORG XL boasts a completely new vintage design with a textured black body and industrial silver panel.

The microKORG XL interface has also been enhanced, making it easier than ever to use. Sound selection is controlled by two large dials; three smaller knobs allow the main parameters to be easily selected.

The newly-developed mini-keyboard is firm and responsive for even greater playability. And best of all, it's battery-powered so you can take it anywhere and still enjoy serious sound. For beginners, advanced musicians and sound designers, this is a synthesizer that will stimulate your musical creativity.

Fresh vintage design with a textured black body and industrial silver panel.
Korg's renowned MMT Multi Modeling Technology, optimized for the microKORG XL.
Sixteeen band vocoder for voice controlled effects. A gooseneck microphone is included, so you can begin vocoding right away.
128 powerful sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use.
Intuitive sound selection; simply specify the music genre and instrument category.
Seventeen powerful KAOSS derived effects.
Newly developed natural touch mini keyboard is compact, yet easy to play.
Editing software can be downloaded from the Korg website, as well as converted MS2000 and microKORG programs.
Battery powered for on-the-go enjoyment.