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When it comes to phaser effects that make you sit up and take notice, there are few pedal-makers that can match MXR - and with the MXR M279 Deep Phase Pedal the company have added yet another string to their illustrious bow.

Phaser With A Unique Vintage Voice
This mini pedal delivers an array of uniquely exrepssive vintage phaser tones, housed in a road-ready enclosure that's that perfect fit for even the smallest of pedalboards.

Inspired by an iconic, vintage phase circuit, the M279 Deep Phase offers a crystal clear sound, with a pronounced swoosh, scooped midrange, and a dynamic, voice-like response to your pick attack.

Whether you're digging into full, fat chords, or playing tranquil textured melodies, the Deep Phase will react accordingly. In addition to this, the Deep Phase tracks lower frequencies incredibly well, making it ideal for bass guitar too.

MXR M279 Deep Phase Pedal Key Features
Expressive phaser effect pedal
Road-ready mini housing with a classic Orange finish
Easy-to-use controls for Speed and Feedback
Mode II switch doubles number of phase shifter stages for a more animated texture
Suitable for both guitar and bass
Powered by a 9v DC Adaptor (not supplied)
Smooth And Subtle, To Turbulent And Intense
Despite featuring just two simply controls and a switch the MXR Deep Phase offers a huge range of phase tones, ranging from subtle liquid shifting to thick, swirling turbulence.

The controls and their functions are as follows:

Speed - adjusts the effect rate
FDBK - alters the intensity and sharpness of the phase peaks
Mode II - doubles the 4 phase shifter stages to 8 when activated, taking you from a smooth effect to a more animated texture
Compact And Reliably Built
As if all of that wasn't enough, the MXR M279 Deep Phase pedal is housed within a road-ready MXR Mini chassis that is not only designed to withstand even the hardest of knocks, but it also won't take up much room on your pedalboard.