£599.00 GBP

Brand new 

Exquisite tone 

The brass construction of this guitar produces a tone that is warmer than its steel brothers and sisters, and yet still retains those superb, metallic tonal attributes. Experience a thrilling resonator sound that is enhanced with the rounded, immersive sonic qualities off a brass body and mahogany neck. It's a tone you'll want to lose yourself in and it teams perfectly with the brightness of the pickup.

Incredible playability

Succumb to the crystal-clear sound of this guitar whilst you play with silky effortlessness. The thin shape and smooth neck lend themselves to incredible playability, allowing you to slide across the fretboard at speed and with skill. There's nothing holding you back. And thanks to the elegant cutaway of the body, you can reach the top frets without any strain or awkward positioning. With the Ozark Slimline Resonator, you'll be able to play comfortably and deliver absolutely flawless sound.

Take to the stage

Amaze your audience. With the Ozark Slimline Resonator, it's simple. Just plug in to your amp and play, the 'lipstick' style pickup will take care of the rest. It produces an astoundingly articulate sound that encompasses a dazzling high range, perfect for styles that need a superb, trebly tone. And thanks to volume and tone controls, you can sculpt your sound quickly and easily until it is unmistakably you. Prepare for immense volume and a sound that never compromises on clarity.


  • Product Code: 3515BTECBK


  • Body Material: Brass
  • Body Type: Thinline
  • Body Finish: Textured Powder Black

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Inlays: Mother Of Pearl Position Dots

Hardware & Electronics

  • Pickup: 'Lipstick' Style
  • Controls: Volume & Tone