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Peavey 6505 Piranha 20W Micro Head with Carry Case

No single amplifier series has been more influential to the sound of an entire genre than the amps from the Peavey 6505 series - defining the sound of metal aggression for decades.

The Peavey 6505 Piranha packs all that power into a tiny, portable package with an impressive 20W output. Ideal for everything from bedroom to studio recording the 6505 Piranha brings a no-frills approach to the iconic sound and unmistakable character of the 6505. The controls on this little beast are as simple as the approach, with the 2 switchable channels - Crunch and Lead (no call for clean here!) - sharing Gain, Volume and a clever EQ knob which changes the voicing all the way from the notched EQ of early thrash right through to the boosted throatiness of modern metal mayhem.

The flexibility of this diminutive powerhouse is increased further with the addition of a buffered effects loop allowing you to add your favourite effects, use the 6505 Piranha for re-amping or simply as a standalone pre-amp. Even more than that, you can connect any source direct to the power amp section by using the 3.5mm minijack Aux input on the front panel.

Just in case all that still wasn't enough for you - the tone and character of the 6505 Piranha comes from a single 12AX7 tube in a brilliantly designed low-voltage valve section, putting the soul of its bigger siblings into this micro metal monster. Exactly as you can with the original 6505 heads, why not try swapping out different 12AX7's in the Piranha to customise the classic sound exactly to you own tastes.