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Suitable for both transit use and installation, this Powered PRO PA Bundle consists of a pair of Peavey's highly acclaimed Hisys cabinets; the Peavey 10 Channel Mixer with Bluetooth and AutoTune; and every sound engineer's favourite, a pair of Konig & Meyer Speaker Stands in a carry bag, certain to withstand the rigours of the road for years and years.

Each bundle contains:

Peavey HiSys 10 (one pair of speakers)
HIsys powered speakers are suitable for anything from a small bar gig to a dedicated live music venue. Designed to be as lightweight and versatile as possible, the HiSys cabinets create an easy-to-manage yet high performance system. With 1200W peak power (500W + 100W continuous), these speakers are certainly powerful, and are also ideal for use as powered stage monitors too.

Peavey PV10AT Mixer with Autotune
The PV® 10 AT mixer comes equipped with Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction (for use when selected), ensuring your audience will experience perfectly tuned vocals to complement the crystal-clear audio of the PV® mixer. The PV10 Mixer also includes Peavey’s reference-quality mic preAmplifiers, making it excellent for live or recording applications. This amazingly versatile mixer is at home both in the studio as well as live applications. Bluetooth®* allows connection to almost any “smart” device and multiple direct outs per channel allow easy connection to most DAW interfaces for recording. In addition, the PV mixers can stream audio directly to a PC. MP3 playback is also available via USB A port and LCD display. Peavey’s exclusive 'guitar shape EQ' adjusts the EQ and preamp specifically for guitar. Hi pass filters on every channel remove unwanted rumble and noise, and balanced AUX and Master outputs ensure a clean noise-free signal to your powered speakers or power amplifier.

Konig & Meyer Speaker Stands in Carry Bag:
Some of the very finest speaker stands available, these lightweight aluminium K&M stands will withstand the rigours of life on the road. They also feature fibreglass-reinforced fittings and a compact clamp with a patented push-button system for height adjustment.They can be adjusted from 1270mm to 1930mm and although only weighing 6Kg they can support a weight of 50Kg each!

PLEASE NOTE: These products are supplied as individual items in individual packaging

PVHS10 x 2 - One Pair of Peavey Hisys 10 Powered Cabinets
PV10AT - Peavey Mixer with AutoTune
21449 - Konig & Meyer Speaker Stand Pair