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Rel Quake

Rel Quake 100 Watt Mosfet Subwoofer in Cherry Wood


Preowned and in Very Good Condition 

Although small in size the REL Quake is powered by a 100 watt MOSFET amplifier connected to a very long throw 8 inch drive unit rated at 150 watts. As with all REL sub-bass systems the amplifier is over specified with a military spec glass-fibre FR4 PCB using plated through holes, high quality discrete components and a hefty toroidal transformer.

In keeping with existing Q range products the REL Quake has the high quality gas-tight Neutrik high level input as well as line level RCA. A special feature of the new Quake is its extra connection for a PC in the form of a 3.5mm jack socket. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The REL QUAKE is an ultra-compact sub-bass system designed for use singly or in pairs with compact satellite loudspeaker systems and PC sound cards.

Many so-called 'full-range' loudspeakers cannot reproduce the low bass frequencies found on most music and movie discs, which are necessary for the accurate reproduction of the original recording and help to impart a natural ambience that is immediately recognisable by listeners as being closer to 'the real thing'. Of course, movie DVDs incorporate a dedicated bass channel for the deeper bass special effects, but a properly designed sub-bass system will not only reproduce these with accuracy, it will also augment the output of conventional stereo and surround loudspeakers with very low frequency bass that is felt rather than heard. The result is greater fidelity.

The system with a wider bandwidth will always sound more realistic and ultimately more entertaining and stimulating. In many cases, the best way, the only way, to add these critical bass frequencies is to introduce a correctly designed sub-bass system, one which not only has the technical ability to reveal the deepest sounds, but will also integrate seamlessly with the loudspeakers so that your system speaks with one deeper, more natural voice.

REL Acoustics designs and builds specialised sub-bass systems that do just this. It doesn't build loudspeakers, it only builds sub-bass systems. For over ten years, the evolving range of REL products has delighted audiophiles and cinephiles around the world, and received universal critical acclaim. Its superiority remains unchallenged, proving that genuine sub-bass is a rare commodity, and only available from a specialist.


  • True 100W (continuous) discrete, direct-coupled MOSFET amplifier
  • Downward-firing long-throw 200mm (8") steel chassis driver rated at 150W with ventilated pole-piece.
  • Improved ABC® filtering circuit
  • Four position mode selector: line/LFE (0 degrees phase and 180 degrees phase)
  • Audiophile grade toroidal transformer
  • Slam/depth switch
  • High quality, gas-tight Neutrik Speakon input (high level)
  • High quality, panel-mounted phono input at +12dB (low level)
  • PC compatible input for easy connection to PC sound systems
  • Totally discrete input circuitry for high and low level inputs
  • Separate volume controls for high and low-level adjustment
  • Simultaneous connection of high and low level sources
  • Set-Safe® audibly transparent driver protection
  • Double-sided glass-fibre board with plated-through holes
  • IEC power input socket - no captive leads for installation flexibility

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