Spector Spectorcore Piezo 4 Bass Guitar in Walnut Stain

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Spector's basses are designed for modern players who seek optimal playability and versatile sonics. The distinctive Spectorcore 4 model merges the brand's contemporary hallmarks with a few traditional touches; a rosewood fingerboard, chambered semi-hollow body

Semi-Hollow Construction
The Spectorcore 4 bass features a stunning Quilt-topped semi-hollow Maple body, which ensures a crisp mid-range sound with vibrant and airy highs. Joining the ergonomically-shaped body is a bolt-on 3-piece Maple neck, able to give notes a snappy and immediate response for modern sounds.

Fishman/EMG Electronics 

About Spector Basses
Founded in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney, Spector is regarded as one of the leading modern bass brands around today. When the company released its flagship NS-1 model in 1977, this instrument proved to raise the bar in the bass world with its contemporary feel, ergonomically-curved design and powerful pickups; qualities that most of its current bass offerings now share.

Spector has factories in both the Czech Republic and Korea, which produce the hand-made 'Euro' and affordable 'Legend' series' respectively. Their very best instruments are manufactured in a small North American facility. Renowned Spector players, both past and present, include Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Rex Brown (Pantera) and Mike Starr (Alice In Chains).

  1. Semi-Hollow Spectorcore Body w/F Hole

• Acoustically designed tone chambers

  1. •3 pc Bolt-On Rock Maple Neck

  2. •24 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard, 35" scale, 24 fret

  3. •FISHMAN Bass Power Bridge

  4. •FISHMAN PowerChip   EQ System

• Black Hardware

  1. •Genuine Quilted Maple Top

• EMG-HZ passive pickup

• Width at nut 1.56", string spacing at bridge .75", fingerboard radius 16"

  1. •Truss rod allen wrench size 5mm, bridge allen wrench size 2mm