£110.00 GBP

Excellent Condition.

The Stagg 20" Classic Flat Ride is part of a range renowned for their distinct quality. Classic Series cymbals are noted for their rapid response, generating superb low frequencies.

The Classic series has been manufactured to emulate the timeless 60's Turkish cymbal sound and is primarily aimed towards drummers who are looking for a more traditional sounding cymbal. The cymbals explicit musicality makes it incredibly versatile and a "must have" in any musical situation.

Without a bell the cymbal drives out the wash that is often associated with rides. Its distinctive flat shape allow for a distinctive sound that sets it apart as a focal piece for any drummers set up.The cymbal possesses an formidable stick response with a great smooth and sweet definition that makes it ideal for fast jazz ride lines.

  • Consistent and Reliable Tone
  • High Quality Manufacture
  • Single Hammered
  • Comprehensive All Round
  • Durable