£129.00 GBP

The Studiomaster Livesys5 Compact PA/Monitor System features a 5" speaker that's ideal for spot monitoring applications on stage. It's also capable of handling small gigs where you wouldn't want to bring a full PA, although it won't bring the house down if you want to turn the music up!

The Livesys5 is an ultra-compact 150W active personal monitor speaker that you can connect to any boom microphone stand so that it's in the perfect place to hear your personal monitor mix clearly.

This Monitor features a fairly impressive low-noise on-board mixing section, with 2 Mic-line inputs equipped with phantom power for condenser microphones, and an input impedance switch so that you can plug a guitar directly in without needing a separate DI box. There's also a third input that you can use to connect your mp3 player CD or computer via RCA phono or mini-jack. Also built into the mixer is a a echo vocal echo effect and A useful 3-band EQ acting at 100Hz, 2.5kHz and 12kHz.

One of the coolest things about the Livesys5 is that you can connect it to your microphone stand. You can connect it directly to the base of a boom stand, then connect the boom arm to the top for the perfect integrated performance setup. The main benefit of this is that the monitor speaker will be perfectly directed into your ears, and much closer than a floor wedge would be, giving you a direct and true representation of your monitor mix. the additional benefit, is that you can easily access the monitor's mix controls without having to move whatsoever on stage!

  • Ultra low noise 3 Channel Mixer
  • 2 mic/line channels
  • Built in effect
  • 150 watt CLASS D amplification
  • Lightweight and with microphone stand mounting system