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T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive Pedal

some call it distortion's sweet great grandfather and some call it the froggy voice of an aged bluesman. Still others refer to it simply as overdrive. T-Rex Engineering knows a thing or two about the relation between distortion and overdrive as they've become so good at engineering stompboxes that guys like Mark Tremonti are always trying to hang out with them.

With the T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive, you get a classy overdrive tone that speaks directly from the soul of the blues -- that overdriven tube sound that spawned rock and roll and defined the direction of music throughout the 20th century.

Not dissimilar at all to many overdrive pedals, the ToneBug Overdrive keeps it simple with gain, tone and level controls. You really don't need much else from a drive pedal if you're going for that classic sound of pushed tubes.

And though they might be a little biased, T-Rex claims that the difference is in the legendary T-Rex tone. If you expected anything less coming from T-Rex, let me remind you that they named themselves after the king of the dinos. There's a reason they're not named after some bumbling herbivore.

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