£899.00 GBP


The Sundance Reserve TW45 R E guitar is a harmonious blend of premium craftsmanship and advanced electronics, designed for the discerning musician seeking a versatile and tonally rich acoustic experience. With its unique Super Folk body shape, this instrument offers an ideal balance between comfort and projection, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of playing styles.

The guitar’s standout feature is its carefully chosen tonewoods. The TW45 R E boasts a Solid Cedar top, a tonewood known for its rich, warm, and responsive sound. Cedar is prized for its quick responsiveness to a player’s touch, making it an excellent choice for those who want to convey nuanced dynamics in their music.

The back and sides of this guitar are crafted from Solid Mahogany, a wood renowned for its pronounced midrange and warm, resonant tones. This combination of Solid Cedar and Solid Mahogany ensures that the TW45 R E produces a balanced, full-bodied sound with clear articulation, making it versatile enough for various playing techniques and musical genres.

In addition to its exceptional acoustic properties, this guitar is equipped with the LR Baggs Stage Pro Element EQ system. This advanced electronics system offers precise control over the instrument’s amplified sound. Musicians can easily shape their tone to suit any performance environment, whether it’s a live stage, a recording studio, or an intimate acoustic setting. The LR Baggs Stage Pro Element EQ system ensures that the guitar’s natural acoustic qualities are faithfully translated into an electrifying sound, making it an ideal companion for modern musicians.


SHAPE Super Folk
TOP Solid Cedar
BACK Solid Mahogany
SIDES Solid Mahogany
BRIDGE Rosewood
STRINGS Elixir Nanoweb 12-53
ELECTRONICS LR Baggs Stage Pro Element
FINISH Natural Gloss