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TC electronics

TC Electronic G-System Multi Effects Unit


Preowned and in Very Good Condition and Excellent Working Condition! 

G-SYSTEM is a masterpiece. It asks: what if a guitarist could have it all? And then delivers in a package almost too good to be true.
The best of the best effects, complete integration and optimization of your gear and total control over your effects and sounds pedal board. And, the added Massimo Mantovani mod essentially optimises the input-design and upgrades a number of components, which results in a super-transparent tone with a very snappy response, added punch and optimal tonal transparency.

    •    25 effects in the best quality money can buy
    •    Total control over sounds, including amp channel switching
    •    Total integration, including 3 powered loops for your pedals

G-SYSTEM offers a complete range of guitar effects, but what makes them so different is their sound. We poured all our knowledge but also our hearts and love for music into these sounds and it shows - dual DSP full 96 KHZ / 24 bit conversion and processing meets tone that just raises the hairs on your arm right of the bat.

How you play is unique and your challenges are different from any other guitarist. That is why we made G-SYSTEM like a ball of clay: completely moldable to what you need it to be. Custom button lay-out and assignment, multiple actions with one button press, custom effect routing - you name it, and G-SYSTEM does what you need to sound your best.

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