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TC electronics

TC Electronics 200W Dual-Concentric 1 x 12" Bass Cabinet

Overall Excellent Condition With Some Signs On Gigging As Pictured. 
Comes With Amp Cover! 

The TC Bass Team is always looking to push things forward. This time we decided to focus on a cabinet that's portable and invaluable at gigs or sessions where space is not an option. The result is RS112 - a great-sounding 1x12" cabinet to carry, plug and play anywhere.

    •    Great Sound
    •    Stackable and Portable
    •    Dual Concentric Driver

The custom-made, 12" Eminence driver is dual conentric. What it means is that, even though you can't see it, there is a 1" tweeter built in at the center, adding those crispy highs. the result? Fast response and tight punch!

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