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Trace Elliot ELF Amp Head and Two 110 Cabs with Covers

Trace Elliot ELF, 200W Lightweight Bass Amplifier Head
For many years seeing Trace Elliot on a bass amplifier meant that you were in for a good time. These highly thought-of, British made amps and cabs set the bassplaying world alight with their thunderous bass tones and pin-point EQ systems, helping to develop the sounds of musicians such as Mark King (amongst others), and as a result becoming the Must-Have brand for bassists the world over.

The Most Portable, Gig-Worthy Amplifier Ever Made
In more recent years, Trace Elliot have begun attemping to make a comeback into the world of bass amplifiers, and have been striving to go back to their roots as innovators within the field, with the ELF being an incredible little entry into their catalogue.

200 Watts of Raw, Portable Power

Weighing in at a tiny 1.6lbs (0.73kg), and small enough to fit into your back pocket, the ELF is an ultra-compact bass head that is undoubtedly the most portable, gig-worthy bass amp ever made.

Featuring a huge 200 Watts of continuous power output when hooked up to a 4 Ohm speaker cabinet, a 3-band rotary EQ, balanced XLR DI output for hooking you into the main PA, and an ultra-high preamp input impedance for when you want to use a bass with passive electronics, the ELF makes the perfect gigging accessory for the musician on the go.


Extremely portable bass amp head (just 1.60lbs)
200 Watts continuous into 4 ohms / 130 Watts continuous into 8 ohms
Wide range input gain control with signal level indicator
3-Band rotary EQ
Ultra-high preamp input impedance for maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups
Post-EQ balanced XLR DI output with ground lift
1/4" headphone output socket

The Trace Elliot ELF 1x10 cabinet has the features the modern bass player is looking for. The perfect companion to the revolutionary 200W rms Trace Elliot ELF amplifier, the 1x10 cab uses a premium Eminence driver and dual parallel inputs that make it easy to use two cabinets with the ELF. A recessed cradle on top fits the ELF perfectly and keeps the amplifier in place. The durable painted cab also features an inset top handle that comes in handy when routing the speaker cables.