Valeton MES-4 Acoustic Mini Dapper

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  • TUNER: First in line is a stealth, fast and accurate tuner so you can play confidently in tune. Press and hold the REVERB module ON/OFF switch to enable the TUNER. When this module is activated, Dapper Acoustic Mini will be MUTED.
  • COMP: Give your incoming signal some focus with the COMP module, which features the warm, punchy sound of a classic rack-mount compressor.Use the COMP knob to lay the squeeze down and the ATK knob to go from bouncy to tight compression.
  • PREAMP: Perfect your core sound with the PREAMP module. Here you've got a powerful 3-band EQ for tone sculpting, a notch filter to eliminate unwanted feedback, and a volume control so you can stay heard.
  • REVERB: Give your song some sweet depth with the REVERB module. This oneknob wonder recreates the ambience of a performance hall with natural decay.
  • PHONES (WITH CAB SIM) : Plug your headphones into the PHONES jack for practicing with effects. This works great with silent guitars. The PHONES knob adjusts the output volume.Use the XLR OUT jack to feed a balanced signal to your audio interface (for recording) or to a mixer (when you go straight to the house).

  • Power 9V DC center negative
    Current Consumption 140mA
    Dimensions 197mm(W) × 65mm(D) × 42mm(H)
    Weight 435g