£699.00 GBP

Start your drumming journey today with the new Yamaha DTX482. With its own intuitive new learning system you will receive challenges and rewards that drive you further on the path to becoming a pro drummer. The new Touch app makes learning drums a fun and interactive game to master, taking you through various drumming games to the final stage, where you receive a certificate from Yamaha upon completion. Continue your journey from there with the 10 core drum kits and 287 drum and percussion sounds, mixing them together however you want to develop your own unique, signature style.

Featuring all the components of a modern day drum kit, the Yamaha DTX482 was built for space efficient, quiet practice. This is the most advanced model in the 402 series, with a high-quality silicone, 3-zone XP80 snare pad and additional cymbal pad, complete with a Yamaha kick pedal