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Set Up Info

All our instruments come complete with a full set up free of charge!

Whether it’s pre-owned or brand new, all our guitars and basses go through a full set up by our in-house guitar techs. We use brands such as Music Nomad and Dunlop to finalise any fine detail on the instrument to make them as new as the day they were made.

Each instrument is meticulously checked over with a fine-tooth comb and can be set up to your specification.

Full set up consists of:

    • String Height, Neck Relief and Intonation
    • Diamond File Fret Polish
    • Tuning and Playability
    • Fretboard F-One Oil by Music Nomad
    • Electronics Checked and Serviced
    • Full Clean and Polish

Free postage to all Mainland UK addresses.

Additional local customer bonus:

We offer your first restring for the price of a pack of strings when you buy a guitar or bass from us.