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AER Bottom Line Head One Bass Head & Cabs w/Flight Case and Covers


AER Bottom Line Head One & Matching Cabs (Cab 1 & Cab2) w/Flightcase and Covers

Excellent condition 

With all the experience in acoustics, dynamic control and sound design AER reaches out into the field of professional electric bass amplification systems and introduces the AER Bottom Line Head One.

The concept: a small, light-weight two channel class d integrated amplifier head that covers the range from Anglo-saxon punch to european hifi orientated sounds. Head one can be used in three operational modes: 2-channel full range mode, 2-way active mode and bridge-mode in combination with Cab One, Cab Two or Cab Three.

It is equipped with tube emulation for drive sounds, two independent EQs, colour-switch and tone leverage. Class d amps are getting more popular as besides efficiency they can be made so surprisingly small and light. Besides these benefits they inherit a lot of problems (noise, distortion, cut-off) especially if they are used in limit mode. Their overall performance is extremely depending on the design and the smart use of controls and protections to guarantee proper functionality. We have done a lot to make that happen!

275 watts, 550 watts in bridge mode, dynamic control
Single input with two corresponding pre-amplifiers
Tube emulation, tone balance, etc.
6 kg (13.32 lbs)


Series Bass Solutions
Type Bass Amp Head
Colour mid/cut/treble/boost filter
Unique Features tuner, line out, highpass, lowpass,adjustable return, send, ser/par external effect loop switchable
Weight 6 kg (13.32 lbs)
EQ three band tone controls
H X W X D 88mm x 366mm x 306mm (3.46" x 14.41" x 12.05")
Comes with Padded gigbag
Input One Clean, 6.3 mm (1/4") input jack socket as high end line input stage
Power Amp Two channel class d, dynamic control, HF out: 275W / 4 ohms, LF out: 275W / 4 ohms, Bridge mode: 550W / 8 ohms
Harmonics Blend between even and uneven harmonics and tone to adjust the high frequency level of drive stage
Drive Tube emulation with gain 2 as drive control
Tone Balance the tone balance enables the bass or treble emphasis or a combination of both

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