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Fender Twin-Amp 2-Channel 100-Watt 2x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier


Pre-Owned Fender Twin-Amp (2001), in very good condition for its age w/ Clear signs of gigging and sounds amazing! 


Two pre-amp channels:

  • Independent VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS for each channel.
  • Channel 1 BRIGHT Switch for crisp tone emphasis.
  • Channel 2 GAIN control for warm pro-Tube distortion.

Tone Tools:

  • Beautiful Fender SPRING REVERB
  • Ultra-high definition from the PRESENCE control
  • TREMELO volume modulation with SPEED and INTENSITY controls

Effects Loop Options:

  • Engage/bypass external effects with the LOOP button
  • Normalise (or set) effects levels through SEND and RETURN

Four-button Footswitch:

CHANNEL select

EFFECTS LOOP bypass/engage

REVERB on/off

TREMELO on/off

Expansion Options:

  • Output to a second Amp using the PRE_AMP OUT and POWER-AMP IN jacks, and control both Amps as one.
  • Additional speaker cabinets can be plugged into the MAIN SPEAKER and EXTERNAL SPEAKER jacks

Selectable Output Levels:

  • FULL POWER (100-Watts)
  • ¼ OUTPUT POWER (25-Watts)

Quality Build:This Amp is very robust and roadworthy.

  • Cabinet: ¾ inch birch/maple plywood
  • Covering: Genuine Tolex for long lasting good looks


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