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Paul Reed Smith

PRS SE Swamp Ash Special Electric Guitar in Iri Blue


Brand New! Fully Setup By Our In-house Tech.

The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special is a standout in the PRS SE Series. Crafted with a swamp ash body and a 22-fret bolt-on maple neck, it offers versatility. Equipped with 85/15 "S" pickups and a PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil "S" pickup, it delivers a powerful sound with a push-pull tone control and 3-way switch. The patented tremolo system adds versatility, while its tonal profile includes tight lows, bright mellow highs, and a twang perfect for various styles. With a solidbody construction, shallow violin top carve, and PRS Designed Tuners, it's a reliable, playable, and visually appealing guitar.

The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special stands as a distinctive addition to the ever-expanding PRS SE Series. It boasts a body crafted from swamp ash, perfectly paired with a 22-fret bolt-on maple neck, adorned with a smooth maple fretboard. This instrument arrives with a fresh and adaptable character, ready to meet the demands of diverse playing styles.

In the realm of pickups, the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special doesn't disappoint. Flanking the beautifully carved body are the 85/15 "S" pickups, framing the PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil "S" pickup nestled in the middle position. This AS-01 Single Coil showcases an intriguing combination of alnico and steel components, thus earning its name. This unique blend adds substantial mass to the pickups, resulting in a commanding sonic presence. Coupled with the convenience of a push-pull tone control and a versatile 3-way pickup switch, this pickup and electronics setup empowers musicians with a palette of tonal possibilities.

Adding a final touch of versatility, PRS's patented tremolo system makes its appearance, allowing for subtle pitch modulation. Sonically, the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special paints a picture of tight, articulate lows, complemented by bright, yet pleasantly mellow highs. It's the kind of instrument that effortlessly traverses musical landscapes, from the sizzle of "hot country" to the soulful depths of blues, and even finds its footing in the realms of jazz.

Its solidbody construction and shallow violin top carve further contribute to its sonic excellence. With a scale length of 25 inches, a comfortable wide thin neck shape, and exquisite bird fretboard inlays, it's an instrument designed for both playability and aesthetic appeal. Plus, the PRS Designed Tuners ensure stable and reliable tuning, making this guitar a versatile workhorse for any musician.

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