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The Alesis Strata Prime Electronic Drumkit is a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals seeking an acoustic feel with electronic versatility. This ten-piece all-mesh kit integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver an unmatched playing experience. Its state-of-the-art touchscreen module, loaded with the BFD3 sound engine, offers over 75 kits, allowing for deep customisation and a broad range of sounds. The innovative Active Magnetic hi-hat and 360-degree triple-zone cymbals provide a dynamic and responsive playing feel. Additionally, the unique anti-hotspot trigger system on the mesh toms ensures even sensitivity and response across the drum surface, making it ideal for nuanced playing and practice. Backed up by YouTube sensation El Estepario Siberiano (The Groovefather), this kit is sure to impress you as much as it has for him!

Full Description
Advanced touch control
At the core of the Strata Prime lies its advanced 10.1'' touchscreen module, offering intuitive control and access to a vast library of sounds. With over 75 user kits and the ability to store numerous custom setups, drummers can seamlessly switch between different styles. The module's integration with the BFD3 sound engine ensures high-quality audio output, making your drumming sessions more immersive and realistic.

Magnetic hi-hat magic
The Active Magnetic hi-hat technology of the Strata Prime sets a new standard in electronic drum responsiveness. This innovative feature allows drummers to achieve a more natural and nuanced hi-hat playing experience, closely mimicking the feel of an acoustic hi-hat. Whether it's subtle cymbal work or aggressive hi-hat chops, this technology captures every detail of your performance.

Responsive mesh toms
The dual-zone mesh toms, equipped with a patented anti-hotspot trigger system, offer drummers a consistent and even playing surface. This technology eliminates the common issue of hotspots, ensuring that every strike is accurately captured and translated into sound, regardless of where it lands on the drumhead. It's perfect for drummers seeking reliable and expressive toms for their electronic kit.

Extensive sound library
With over 215,000 samples and 1050+ articulations, the Strata Prime provides an extensive range of sounds to explore. This vast library, coupled with multiple microphone channels, allows for a highly customisable drumming experience.

Re-designed 360, triple-zone cymbals
The Alesis Strata Prime Electronic Drum Kit introduces an innovative advancement with its re-designed 360, triple-zone cymbals, setting a new standard for electronic percussion. These cymbals offer unparalleled versatility, allowing drummers to explore a wide range of expressive dynamics and nuances. With three distinct zones - including the bell, bow, and edge - performers can produce authentic sounds typical of traditional acoustic cymbals.

Bass Drum: 20''
Snare Drum: 14''
Tom 1: 8''
Tom 2: 10''
Tom 3: 12''
Tom 4: 14''
Hi-hat: 14''
Crash 1: 16''
Crash 2: 18''


Drumhead Material: Mesh
Drum Zones: x2
Intergrated System: Anti-Hotspot system
Rack: 4-post steel w/ locking clamps
Cymbal Zones: x3
Hi-hat Technology: Active Magnetic Controller
Cymbal Material: Rubber

Factory Kits: x75
User Kits: Virtually unlimited
Kit Pieces: x440
Articulations: x1050+
Samples: 215,000+
Included Content: 40GB-worth
Internal Storage: 128GB
Touch Display Size: 10.1''
Connectivity: XLR, MIDI, USB, AUX IN(L/R), SD, TRS

90-day free subscription to Drumeo
BFD Player desktop application with virtual drum expansion pack