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Akai MPK Mini MK3 Keyboard Controller


The Akai MPK Mini MK3 is the third instalment of one of the most popular mini keyboard controllers currently on the market. It's the perfect entry-level piece of gear for embarking on your music production journey with.

Producers Toolkit
This intuitive instrument distills all of the key tools required by a producer into one compact unit. From a range of pads and assignable controls, to immediate integration with your preferred music production software and a new and improved Generation 2 enhanced dynamic keybed, this controller punches well above its weight.

Packing all of these features (and more) into such small dimensions means it's the perfect portable companion for producing on-the-move too. A durable construction, user-friendly layout and plug in and play connectivity ensures there are no barriers to getting stuck-in whatsoever - no matter where you might find yourself!

Hands-on Creativity
The Gen 2 keybed forms the backbone of the controller. It offers a feel and performance that rivals models with bigger layouts. Whichever virtual instrument, synth or piano sound you select, your creativity will stem from the Gen 2 keybed first and foremost.

This is complimented by the 8 pads derived from Akai's pioneering MPC range. They're perfect for sample playback and accurate beat-making - with a velocity sensitive architecture that makes them highly reactive to your playing.

Alter Your Sounds
Using the in-built rotary knobs, you'll be able to take full control over a variety of different assignable parameters. Whether it's altering the dry/wet setting of your reverb, or tweaking the EQ a bit, you can change a multitude of different characteristics to suit your sounds. Alongside this, you have even more options available to you thanks to an arpeggiator, note repeat function and an omni-directional joystick.

The Complete Music Production Starter Kit
This suite consists of a host of drum and sample expansion packs, a piece of software that's based on the workflow of the iconic MPC models of the past, as well as some of the best virtual instruments currently available.

Let's start with the MPC Beats software. mix down tracks; edit and alter your samples; apply industry standard audio effects; record audio; harness sounds found on legendary MPC's; plus a whole lot more. It works as a plug-in that can be opened in any DAW of your choosing.

Further Audio Intrigue
An extensive library of samples (especially created by professional sound designers and producers) further augments your sonic arsenal. From kicks, classic 808s, snares, loops and other rhythms, your beats will be taken to the next level!


  • 25 Mini keys (with redesigned Gen 2 Keybed) results in improved articulation and expression.
  • OLED display for instant parameter referencing and feedback.
  • 8 endless knobs.
  • 4-way joystick used for pitch/modulation control.
  • 8 bankable MPC performance pads (boasting full level functions and legendary note repeat).
  • Class-compliant USB connectivity.
  • Integrated arpeggiator.
  • Sustain pedal input jack.
  • Durable compact build.
  • Contains 1500+ sounds (Complete Music Production Starter Kit consists of MPC Beats, 2GB of audio content and 6 virtual instruments - Tubesynth, Electric, Hybrid 3, Bassline, Mini Grand, Velvet).
  • Specifications
  • Note Keys: 25 velocity-sensitive keys; 10-octave range with octave up/down buttons
  • Pads: 8 assignable backlit pads, velocity- and pressure-sensitive; 2 banks
  • Knobs: 8 assignable 360o knobs
  • X-Y Controller: 1 configurable thumb stick with 3 modes
  • Inputs/Outputs: 1 USB port, 1 ¼” (6.35mm) TS input for sustain pedal
  • Power: USB-bus-powered
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 12.5" x 7.13" x 1.75"/31.8cm x 18.1cm x 4.4cm

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