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Blackstar HT-5R Combo Amplifier


Preowned, Excellent Condition w/ Cover 

Loaded With a 12" 50W Speaker

With a 12" speaker on board, the HT-5R offers both projection and tone shaping in one simple unit. The custom voiced Blackstar speaker has 50W of output to amplify your perfect sound, and the HT-5R also features Speaker Emulated Output which allows pro direct recording with the ability to run a line out to a PA.

Choose Between Two Channels

The Blackstar HT-5R 1x12 Combo is loaded with a whole range of features that allow precise tonal shaping, so that you can find the sound that suits your style. There are two channels on-board that can be selected via the included footswitch; these include Clean or Overdrive. The Clean channel can be sculpted via the Volume control for increased output and the Tone knob lets you choose between a warm, dark tone or light and bright. The Overdrive Channel can be adjusted using the Gain control for a full, distorted and crunchy sound, whilst the Volume increases the projection.

ISF Control

No Blackstar amp would be complete without the patented ISF control. This easy-to-use function enables players to achieve the choice of two iconic tones at the turn of a dial. When turned counter clockwise, the amp delivers a classic American characteristic, with a tight bottom end. When turned clockwise, the amp delivers a classic British tone with a woody texture. ISF is perfect for players who like a variety of tones and styles, and ideal for cover bands who might feature both tones.


  • Small but mighty 5 Watt format
  • Unique push-pull configuration offers rich valve harmonics & full sounding tone
  • Equipped with patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) for unlimited tonal options
  • Two foot-switchable channels include Overdrive & Clean
  • Volume x2, Tone, Gain, 3-Band EQ, ISF & Reverb controls provide great versatility
  • Digital Reverb offers increased flexibility
  • Speaker Emulated Output makes pro direct recording easy
  • 12" Custom Voiced 50W Speaker for clear & loud projection


  • Series: HT
  • Amp Type: Valve
  • Preamp Valves: 1 x ECC83, 1 x 12BH7
  • Watts: 5 W
  • Inputs: Guitar, MP3/Line
  • Controls: Volume x2, Tone, Overdrive Select, Gain, 3-Band EQ, ISF, Reverb
  • Channels: 2 (Clean/Overdrive)
  • Speaker Size: 12"
  • Speaker Model: Custom Designed By Blackstar
  • No.Of Speakers: 1
  • Weight: 12.3kg
  • Dimensions: 444 x 237 x 400 (mm)
  • Finish: Black

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