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The USB Audio Interface for Guitarists. Designed by guitarists for guitarists.

The Audio Interface for Guitarists
POLAR is THE audio interface that is specially designed to enhance your guitar DI signal in a way that brings back the coveted feel and response of playing through a real valve guitar amplifier.

Incredible Tone
POLAR is equipped with FET instrument inputs, providing ultra-low noise and high headroom for the best sonic foundation for your guitar tone.

Feels Like A Real Amp
“Enhance” restores the touch, feel, and response of playing through a real amp. When the Enhance switch is engaged on the instrument input, a unique circuit is introduced that mimics the input stage of a real valve amplifier, including all of it’s non-linear behaviours and characteristics.

No Digital Clipping, Set Levels With Ease
With “Enhance” activated, you can capture guitar levels without worrying about digital clipping. This feature allows you to drive POLAR’s preamps like a real valve amp, making level adjustments easy and ensuring smooth handling of dynamic guitar signals, thus avoiding harsh tones and ruined takes.

World-Class Microphone Preamp
Inspired by renowned vintage studio preamps, POLAR’s microphone preamps deliver warm, rich tones and authentic character, enhancing the overall depth and quality of your sound.

Engaging “Enhance” gently lifts the top end of your signal, bringing out the natural clarity and air from vocal performances, acoustic instruments, and more.

Everything You Need to Record Guitar and Vocals
POLAR 2 comes with a studio software collection including the St. James Plugin Suite (worth $129/£129/€129), Ableton Live Lite, ReLab LX480 Essentials Reverb, Melodyne Essential and more. Start making music now!

FET high headroom +/-24V inputs, low noise -121dB
INST “Enhance” switch reacts like the input stage of a valve amplifier
INST “Enhance” input never clips, foolproof input level setting
MIC “Enhance” adds air and clarity
MIC preamp same response as Neve 1081
Headphones Outputs
Monitor Outputs
48V Phantom Power