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Brunswick BU4S Mahogany Ukulele with deluxe hardcase and complete Accessories


Brunswick BU4S Mahogany Ukulele with deluxe hardcase and complete Accessories


If you want a quality cool looking, great sounding soprano Ukulele that comes complete in a tough, wood-shell hardcase and a bunch of essential Accessories too, you really couldn't ask for a better bundle!

Whether a complete beginner - or a past-player who wants to re-engage with their musical roots - once you get this Ukulele Pack, you'll have everything you need to get going... and keep going for a good while to come.

Each bundle contains:

Brunswick BU4S:
A quality Uke, the BU4S is ideal as the next step in your Ukulele journey. With a mahogany body that sounds as rich as it looks, the BU4S also has properly geared machineheads to ensure great tuning.

TGI Soprano Ukulele Hardcase:
Whether on the school bus or the tour bus, your new ukulele will be well protected in this TGI wood-shell hardcase. Ensuring protection for your treasured Uke wherever you travel is no longer a worry!

TGI Clip-on Chromatic Tuner:
Always stay in tune with a TGI Tuner. You never have to worry about keeping your guitar in tune again. Just clip the tuner on the headstock of your guitar - or your friend's guitar (or even ukulele) - and make sure you're in perfect harmony.

TGI Lightweight Music Stand in a black finish:
Adjustable in height and angle, this TGI Music Stand will let you more easily view your favourite music books, printed tabs or even your phone or tablet (but be careful with phones and tablets, obviously!)

TGI Ukulele Strap:
This woven TGI Strap is finished in a range of colours and has a protected hook which hooks into the soundhole of the instrument for super-easy support. The colour of strap supplied is not configurable but will be chosen based upon stock availability and colour of ukulele selected.

TGI Capo for Ukulele:
Changing key has never been so easy. Just position the spring-loaded Ukulele capo onto your desired location on the fingerboard and play in any key you desire.

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