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Darkglass Electronics

Darkglass Alpha Omega Photon Overdrive Pedal




Straight out of Finland, Darkglass drop the Alpha·Omega Φoton: a fresh, intense distortion effects pedal based on the iconic circuits of the Alpha·Omega with a fat stack of extra options on top. The core of this stompbox is made up of three mode switches, which are Alpha for compression, Omega for distortion and Photon for cabinet simulation. Here, each mode opens up five options as well as true bypass, handing bassists full control over every part of their sound!

The Alpha Omega Photon: Smooth Ease of Use

Along with five pots to dial in the basics (compression, drive, distortion, blend and level), the Alpha·Omega Photon provides a 6-band graphic equalizer equipped with touch-sensitive sliders for more scrupulous tweaks while, for seamless rig integration, Darkglass have furnished the distortion unit with standard jack ports, an XLR port, a MIDI input and Bluetooth. Last but not least, there's a USB-C port that lets the Alpha·Omega Photon double-up as an audio interface. In short: everything you need wrapped up in a single top-shelf stompbox.

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