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Darkglass Alpha-Omega Ultra v2 Distortion Effect Pedal



Tonal dominance
Tones, tones, and… more tones. Darkglass pedals tend to be the go-to for seasoned bassists - and it's easy to see why. Their quality is always of the highest standard, and this preamp is no exception. With the Alpha/Omega Mod dial, you can throw as much of the two premium distortions into your mix as you desire, with a dedicated drive knob for additional sonic control. Level and Blend knobs also let you control the intensity and fullness of the preamp effect, so you can really fine-tune your tone. There's also world-class IR cab emulation for exceptional sonic quality.

And then there's the big daddy - a huge six band EQ. Using this, you can really dig into the detail or your bass tone and make it truly perfect. It'll let you embolden your low end, emphasise the mids, and make those highs soar. Additional Bite and Growl buttons let you instantly add some (you guessed it) bite or growl to your sound for a sound which will bring the walls down. It's hard to believe you can evolve your sound so much with such a compact, intuitive preamp.

Convenient extras
The Alpha Omega Ultra isn't your bog-standard preamp - it goes above and beyond. For starters, there's a dedicated headphone output, so you can whack your headphones in and play in complete silence. And there's a balanced direct output for sending your signal straight to the PA or recording desk. All this combined with Bypass and Distortion footswitches and a sturdy chassis makes for the ultimate bass preamp pedal - experience bass like never before.

Model Name: Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra AUX Bass Preamp
Controls: Mod, Level, Blend, Drive, Six-Band EQ, Bite, Growl, Ground Lift, Cab Sim
Footswitches: Bypass, Distortion
Inputs/Outputs: USB, Headphones, AUX, Input, Outout
Power: 9V DC Adapter

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