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For those venturing to the heavier side of music
If you are playing music that needs heavier distortion, then the Darkglass Alpha-Omega 900 Bass Head has a lot to offer. The head is based off two different drive circuits, the Alpha and Omega (get it?).

The Alpha-Omega is a pedal that rose to great popularity amongst bassists in the know. It is small enough to fit in a back pack, but with a sound large enough to make a full stack blush. Nothing is close within its class: the tone, functionality, and flexibility only puts it even further ahead of its competition - this is Darkglass.

Award winning drive circuitry
The Alpha-Omega is there to give you a voice - even if that voice expresses cacophonous rage. But that is just one extreme. The Alpha side is tight, defined, and clear, which can be all you need to permeate a mix. Is it a sonic onslaught you're after? You might find yourself turning that knob to the right, exercising its unabashed, visceral, and raw nature.

Blending and adjusting these sounds is easy using the ‘mod’ and ‘blend’ knobs. Find your drive, set your level, then blend in just the right amount of your clean signal for blistering distortion without any loss of low end.

You don’t even need a speaker cab!
You can store up to three different cabinet IRs (impulse responses) which are made by recording the sonic qualities of a cabinet at the source - these are available with the FREE Darkglass Software suite. For those of you who like a consistent tone and less equipment to take around, you have an amp that includes three speaker cabinets that can be customised exactly for you.

Imagine being able to take your rig in your backpack without sacrificing tone! It also takes up less space and resources when recording, too. Negating the need for excessive leads and expensive microphones, this is a perfect recording tool - capable of delivering an uncompromising and gargantuan bass tone.

Does practicing at home cause too much of a racket? With the Auxiliary and headphone inputs you can load your phone up with tracks, plug that in, grab a set of headphones, and practice in silence.

Perfectionists by nature
It was a meticulous design session that led to the original Alpha-Omega pedal being created - developed with composer, bassist and producer Jon Stockman, and executed by Darkglass over a three-month period. The next logical step was to design an amplifier around this, and they have delivered. Developed away from their ‘microtube’ distortion - which is how they originally made a name for themselves – Darkglass have expanded their sonic repertoire, catering for a mass range of tastes.

Impedance: 2 Ohm Minimum
Maximum Power Output: 500W RMS class D
Pre-Amp: Analogue w/ passive/active input switch
Cooling System: Intelligent fan (quietens when playing)
Depth: 18 cm
Height: 7.1 cm
Width: 23.7 cm
Weight: 2.4KG