£1,249.00 GBP


“The Darkglass Infinity 500 series features two ground-breaking digital bass combo amplifiers: the DG210D and the DG112D. Each model is engineered to unleash an extraordinary sonic experience, combining a robust 500-Watt power output with extensive digital features.

Both the DG210D and DG112D models sit at the forefront of bass amplifier technology. Whether you're commanding the stage or crafting perfection in the studio, these amplifiers provide unparalleled versatility. Select your preferred sonic signature with two distinctive configurations: the potent 2x10 setup of the DG210D or the compact yet powerful 1x12 layout of the DG112D.”

Front Panel Features
Five-position Preset Selector switch.
Input: Push to select effects loop ON/OFF.
Compression: Push to select compressor OFF/Pre/Post drive position.
Drive: Push to select drive mode: OFF/VMT/B3K and more.
Tone/Filter: Push to select between adjusting drive tone or octave filter.
Level: Push to select between adjusting drive level or tweeter level.
Blend/Blend: Push to select between adjusting drive blend or octaver blend.
Preset: Push to select IR for Post DI & Headphone OUT.
EQ section: Low Shelf/250 Hz/500 Hz/1.5 kHz/3 kHz/High Shelf.
Master: Push for Mute + Tuner.
Back Panel Features
Headphone Output
Power switch
Ground Lift switch
MIDI IN: 7-pin DIN connector compatible with Darkglass MIDI footswitch.
USB C connector
Line OUT
Effect Loop (Send/Return)
External Speakon Combo Jack
Voltage selector: 110/220V