£1,119.00 GBP


“The M500 series introduces the DG210A and DG112A, two exceptional bass combo amplifiers that redefine versatility and power. With a robust 500 Watts of pure analogue output, these combos are crafted for bassists who demand pristine bass tones delivered with precision.

Select from two dynamic speaker configurations: the impactful 1x12 or the vibrant 2x10, both featuring Eminence ceramic speakers. These combos are powered by a high-efficiency class D ICEpower module, ensuring that your sound is always clear and powerful, whether on stage, in the studio, or at home.Designed with the modern musician in mind, the M500 combos are not just powerful—they are portable. Ideal for a variety of settings, from live performances to home practice, these combos are built for those who value flexibility and portability without compromising on sound quality..”

Front panel features
Active/Passive: Attenuates input signal for active instruments
Darkglass Analogue Preamp
Four-Band Ultra Quiet Equalizer: Fine[1]tune equalization with accuracy, featuring push potentiometers for low-mid (500Hz/1 kHz) and high-mid (1.5 kHz/3 kHz) adjustment.
Drive (Vintage Microtubes & Microtubes B3K): Seamlessly push between two distortions using the Blend, Level, & Drive controls
Compression: With automatic gain adjustment, allowing dynamics shaping.
Master with Mute: Controls overall volume while providing instant silence with a push.
Headphone Output: Allows for private listening and practice sessions without disturbing others.
Back panel features
DI Output with Pre/Post Switch: Choose between pre or post-EQ signal for the DI XLR output.
Ground Lift for DI XLR Output: Minimize unwanted noise by lifting the ground of the DI output.
Auxiliary Input for Backing Tracks: Conveniently play with backing tracks or external audio sources.
Effect Loop (Send/Return): Connect external effects pedals or processors seamlessly.
Footswitch: Enable hands-free control with an external footswitch. Compatible with all Darkglass footswitches.
External Speaker Combo: Connect to an additional external speaker setup.
Voltage Selector: 110/220V