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Darkglass Microtubes X 900 Bass Head


The Darkglass Microtubes X 900 Bass Head is a limited-edition amplifier that combines unrivalled power and precision. Built upon the legacy of the renowned X series pedals, this amplifier pushes the boundaries of accuracy and control to deliver a captivating sonic experience.

With its Class D architecture, it boasts a staggering 900-watt output, providing a robust and dynamic sound that will leave a lasting impression. Equipped with an ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equaliser and unique X distortion circuit, you have complete control over your tone's character. The X 900 is not just an amplifier, but also a comprehensive control centre with MIDI compatibility, impulse response cabinet simulation, and versatile features like an auxiliary input and headphone output. This limited run of only 500 units worldwide makes the Darkglass Microtubes X 900 an exclusive piece of sonic history.

Optimise your tone with the Darkglass Microtubes X 900 bass head
Take precise control of your tone with the X 900's ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equaliser. This versatile feature allows you to shape your sound exactly how you want it, whether you desire an aggressive, overdriven roar or crystal-clear cleans. With exquisite precision, this amplifier caters to your sonic desires, ensuring every note is rendered with unparalleled clarity.

Menacing Distortion
One of the key highlights of the X 900 is its unique X distortion circuit. This innovative circuit empowers you with the ultimate control over your sound's character. Select the specific frequencies you wish to compress and saturate for the low and treble, allowing you to customise your tone's texture to your exact requirements. This level of control and versatility ensures that you can achieve the perfect balance between aggression and clarity.

A control centre for your music
Beyond its capabilities as an amplifier, the X 900 also serves as a comprehensive control centre for your music. Featuring MIDI compatibility for seamless channel switching and programmable muting, this amplifier adapts effortlessly to any musical rig or touring setup. Additionally, its impulse response cabinet simulation with three storable virtual cabinets further enhances its versatility, allowing you to dial in the perfect sound for any performance or recording situation. With auxiliary input and headphone output, the X 900 seamlessly integrates into your workflow, offering unrivaled flexibility and control.

Limited edition - get yours while they last!
The Darkglass Microtubes X 900 is not just another bass head – it's a piece of sonic history. With only 500 units available worldwide for this limited run, owning this amplifier is a true testament to your dedication to excellence in tone. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to make the X 900 an integral part of your musical journey.

Unlock Hidden Potential with Integrated Controls
Make the most out of your playing experience with the Darkglass Microtubes X 900 Bass Head and its array of integrated controls. By utilising the push-button switch, you can effortlessly switch between passive and active mode, allowing you to adapt the amplifier's response to suit your bass guitar's pickup configuration. This feature ensures that no matter what type of bass you use, the X 900 will flawlessly accommodate your instrument's unique sonic needs.

The X push-button switch activates the Microtubes X Engine, giving you full command over the distinctive distortion circuit that sets the X series apart. Control the Drive knob to dial in the amount of distortion for the high pass side, and mix the compressed lows and distorted highs to your taste using the Mix knob. With the X 900, you have the power to shape your tone precisely, enhancing your playing and making each note truly stand out.

Crystal clear sonics
The X 900 also boasts a high pass filter (HPF) and low pass filter (LPF) for fine-tuning your sound. The HPF controls the cutoff frequency applied before the clean signal enters the distortion circuit, creating a customised distortion response for your desired tone. On the other hand, the LPF controls the cutoff frequency before the clean signal is mixed back to the high-pass side, enabling you to shape the overall character of your sound.

Input Impedance: 1.1 MΩ
Minimum Load Impedance: 2.5 Ω
Maximum Power Output: 900 W RMS @ 4 Ω (1 kHz full blast, 2 min. max), 450 W RMS v@ 8 Ω
Power Amp Input (Return) Impedance: 100 kΩ
Power Amp Input (Return) Level: 2 Vrms (max before 1 THD)
PreAmp Output (Send) Impedance: 1 kΩ
Pre-Amp Output (Send) Level (max): 2.2 Vrms (max before 1 THD)
Maximum Power Consumption: approx. 700 VA
Cooling: Forced-air cooled
AC Input Power: 100-250 VAC
AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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