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Darkglass The Exponent 500 Bass Head



Darkglass The Exponent 500 Bass Head Overview
We struggled to imagine music’s future. Resting uncertain of what it will carry, but always enthusiastic about the endless potentials, and yet…we think of it as far from now. Our ability and the big privilege to deploy a solution that will serve justice to what we consider great music gear was unthought of. Because in the end, our goal is mostly about accepting a challenge and being inspired by it. We always craved a clean head. A device that is “out of the box” is an amplifier without added effects. Uncomplicated, intuitive, and for each one of us to be able to unveil the layer of sophistication that better serves our projects and skills. The Exponent is a new concept we call Powered Platform: once connected turns into a multi-effect, with fully programmable and presettable signal chains with all the components a professional bassist requires. We have been working on this machine for more than 2 years and it is the perfect outcome of every trick we learned from our humble beginnings. From all stance: Mechanically, electronically, and with an ever-growing DSP library that has compressors, distortions, modulation, preamps, Impulse Responses and more. With its audio interface capabilities and 500W of loud, ultra-clean power, the Exponent is an extremely capable solution for every context, all packed in a gorgeous, compact and light housing for maximum portability.

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